Personal attention and an honest attitude, that is IBALO

Every staff member of IBALO has great passion for cars. Specially for those cars that are designed to fall in love with. We only have cars in our selection that make our own hearts beat faster. Unique, characterful and low mileage cars.

Would you prefer us to sell your car? No problem, on the condition that your car is, or can be made, in absolute prime condition.

are you searching for the car of your dreams?  We can help you find it, in and outside of Europe. Because sometimes what comes from far, is better or more of the extraordinary.

We will make sure that every car that we track down is in top condition. We do that for you but also for our own collection. If anything is lacking in this condition, our top mechanics will work on it in our own workshop, so that we get the best quality possible. Our team members have more than 30 years of experience. They know how to guarantee quality. They also know what makes the car a one of a kind.

So, we invest lots of work and attention and still we will charge you an honest price. For we believe in honest pricing. We offer a common workshop rate is so that special does not need to be expensive. Our products are exceptional but we ourselves are of the no-nonsense types. 



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